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Lesson Horses

All students begin with a 1/2 hr private evaluation lesson. Riders remain in private lessons until they are able to walk and trot comfortably on their own, then they are eligible for a group. Lessons are tailored to individual rider needs and goals. With our emphasis on safety, groups do not exceed six people (beginner groups are smaller).

Teaching for the last 20+yrs has enabled us to develop a large, well- rounded group of school horses and ponies. They have all been carefully selected to offer students a variety of learning experiences.


Other programs we offer:
•  Leases
• Horsemanship classes where students learn all about     horses and horse care
• Summer camps
• Working student possibilities


It's time to ride! 


30 minute private lesson: $100

1 hour group lesson: $100

Lesson and Lease Horses

We have an amazing English (Hunter/Jumper) lesson program that focuses not just on riding but also horsemanship and the connection between horse and rider. We teach every level from beginner to advanced (also the rusty!) and teach both children and adults. Private and group classes are available. Our schedule is very flexible and we have classes in the evenings and on weekends.


Our years of experience have allowed us to develop an large and versatile group of horses and ponies for our leasing and lesson programs.


Click on the horses below to meet our team! (still in progress...)


Age: 20 | Color: Chestnut | Height: 15.2

Apollo is gentle enough to teach our smallest riders, but is big enough for the adults as well! This sweet guy wouldn't hurt a fly and has a very laid back attitude. Apollo's gaits are super smooth and comfortable which makes it easy for his riders to pick things up quickly. We wouldn't be able to run our programs without him!


Age: 18 | Color: Grey | Height: 15.1

Blue is a wonderful lease and lesson horse. His relaxed and willing attitude make him an amazing teacher. Blue is the perfect match for riders looking start cantering, and competing in horse shows. Blue always makes his riders feel confident and successful, making him a big favorite around the barn! 


Age: 15 | Color: Dun | Height: 14.1

Dusty is a great teacher. He is perfect for those who are just learning to ride as well as those who are ready to move up and canter. 


Age: 16 | Color: Red Roan | Height: 12.3

Flower is one of our smaller ponies. She is great at taking kids around for a trail ride, and skilled enough to teach kids to jump and start competing at shows! Although she is new to the Mark West team. Just like a flower our love for her is growing in our hearts.


Age: 20 | Color: Bay | Height: 16.1

Hudson is one of our more seasoned horses. He is great for kids who want to move up in their riding and move up in competitions. He is also perfect for adults who want to further advance their riding. He loves to be goofy and dress up for Halloween, but also loves to get ready for shows. 


Age: 26 | Color: Chestnut | Height: 14.0

Mayfield has always been one of our most popular lesson ponies because he makes everything seem easy! Mayfield always tries hard to do exactly what his rider asks, and his past career as a dressage horse means he is extremely well trained. Mayfield is now living happily retired in the fields.


Age: 7 | Color: Paint | Height: 14.1

Sally is one of our newer and younger ponies who is just learning the ropes of camp. She is great at trotting circles around others, and loves eating the apples and treats.


Age: 10 | Color: Bay | Height: 10.0

Sweetie is the smallest member of the Mark West team. She loves to be groomed and snuggles from everyone!


Age: 19 | Color: Grey | Height: 13.1

George is a favorite of everyone at the barn. He is great for kids who are just starting out, but also great for kids who want to learn to canter and jump.


Age: 17 | Color: Grey | Height: 14.3

Laddee has been a favorite pony from the day we found him. His talent and sweet easy going personality make him the perfect pony. He is a great leasing pony for a kid serious about taking their riding career to the next level. Laddee loves going to horse shows and always brings home blue ribbons! 


Age: 9 | Color: Chestnut | Height: 15.0

Mitch is new to the team, but is quickly becoming a favorite. He is still learning, but is very willing to learn and eager to do his best.


Age: 6| Color: Grey Height: 16.0

Sherman is one of our youngest horses here. Although he is still young, he is a great teacher. 


Age: 32 | Color: Chestnut | Height: 13.3

We don't like to choose "favorites" at Mark West, but Velvet will always hold a special place in our hearts. Velvet has been an amazing teacher to so many kids; however now she is living happily in the pasture! Be sure to give Velvet a pet when you meet her - she got her name because she has the softest hair in the barn!


Age: 8 | Color: Chestnut | Height: 14.1

Hermes is a very sweet pony who always likes to please you. He is still young and learning things, but is willing to do his best.


Age: 16 | Color: Chestnut | Height: 12.1

Maddie is one of our littlest school ponies, but makes up for her small size with a big heart. She is very talented and had career as a show pony, but is also happy to teach new young riders. When not working Maddie loves being brushed and

spending time out in the pasture with her friends!


Age:15 | Color: Appaloosa | Height: 13.3

Pippi is new to us and is always happy to please her rider. She loves to be ridden and is especially happy to take kids around the track. 


Age: 23 | Color: Grey | Height: 15.2

Sport is one of our most popular lease horses. He's perfect for kids or adults just learning how to jump and show. He is very patient with his riders, giving them the opportunity to gain confidence and skills. Sport loves going to horse shows and is always a winner in the cross-rails and short stirrup divisions. 


Age: 18 | Color: Chestnut | Height: 14.1

Ty is part of our amazing team of lease ponies. He is just barely small enough to count as a pony, making him a great size for kids moving up off a shorter pony or small adults. Though he may seem lazy at home, Ty’s favorite thing to do is horseshow. He is unbeatable and has been champion almost everywhere we take him.


Age: 19 | Color: Chestnut | Height: 15.0

Zeppo is one of our horses who knows his job. He is always happy to be ridden and teach children how it's done. Although he is older than a few others, he is still an avid mover!

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