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Leasing Program

The Perfect Team! Showing off their skills at a competiton

The advantage to leasing is that riders are always working with a horse or pony well suited to their current needs. Leasing's flexibility allows us to create ideal partnerships between horse and rider because it is easy to transition to new horses and ponies as rider's skills improve.

Leasing is also a great way to get more involved in spending time at the barn caring for "your" horse and becoming part of the wonderful community we have here.  

We have a large number of horses and ponies in our program available for lease and also work to find horses from other barns when necessary to meet a rider's needs. 

For more information about a specific horse available for lease, contact us today at (707) 538-2000.

Leasing a horse is a progression up from our lesson program. This is a great option for riders ready to take their skills to the next level. Leasing provides riders an opportunity to work consistently with one horse. When leasing a horse, you will likely be responsible for grooming, riding and caring for the horse as if it were your own. We have full or half leases available.

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